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Introducing the DDC400 DynOzone Disinfecting Cabinet with PowerCell technology from the EDRO Corporation. An apparatus that will soon become the weapon of choice for all areas of healthcare, fire departments, law enforcement, military, businesses, childcare centers, schools, gyms, athletic facilities, correctional facilities, hotels, and many more establishments in the ongoing fight against infectious diseases.

The DDC400 DynOzone Disinfecting Cabinet with PowerCell technology uses the power of ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide, and free hydroxyl radicals to effectively kill viruses, and harmful bacteria while also providing a deodorizing benefit at the same time. To do this, PowerCell technology injects pre-determined levels of our branded gas mixture through an exclusive distribution discharge system into the seealed cabinet environment enabling it to penetrate in and around all items placed inside. The stainless-steel cabinet is sealed to allow no gas egress so maximum disinfecting is maintained. A proprietary HMi PLC touch screen controls the DDC400, utilizing an end of operation deactivation cycle to ensure the gas inside the cabinet is safely evacuated before the cabinet door can be opened and the disinfected items removed.

The DDC400 offers:

  • Exclusive PowerCell Ozone generation technology
  • HMi PLC touch screen control with programmable cycle times and data display
  • Improved disinfection / sterilization process for a variety of applications /li
  • Effective germicidal / bacteria cleaning properties
  • Deodorizes as it disinfects
  • Simple, Easy to operate
  • Mobile platform, fits through common doors, hallways and service accessways
  • An all-natural, Eco-Friendly solution

The DynOzone Disinfecting Cabinet can be connected to a standard 110V electrical outlet and does not need any chemicals, oils, or consumables for operation. No installation is required and there are no vents or drains, and no tanks to fill or empty.